Hi Everyone!  I hope everyone is staying safe and warm this winter season!

Before I get to my really awesome news, here’s a recap of how my season has been going so far.  Hard to imagine, but I have had 4 more meets since my last blog in December.  I have had a great season so far hitting 4 for 4 at every meet, which is exciting for me, because consistency as an all around gymnast and competitor is what I work so hard for everyday.  This season has been especially beneficial for me, because our scheduled meets have been ones that bring in a lot of strong competitors, which challenges me even more to stay on top of my game.

One of my favorite meet trips so far was to the Gliders Invitational in Ontario, California.  It was so special to me, because my mom, Aunt Kat and I spent almost a week out on the California Coast thanks to my grandparents who treated us to a memory making girls trip.  We stayed in Anaheim, went to an observatory to see LA and Hollywood, spent a couple days at Laguna Beach, which was so beautiful.  We took a boat excursion to Catalina Island, where we shopped and rented a golf cart to tour the island.  What an amazing site when you got to the top!  We visited the Santa Monica Pier, drove through Malibu and along the coast taking in all of the beauty.  On top of all of the sightseeing, we just had an amazing time being together laughing and making memories!  Especially when my Aunt Kat locked our keys in the trunk and the alarm started setting off all of the other car alarms.  Then to top it all off, I had a great meet earning 2nd place in the all around and beam champion!  This was a trip I will remember forever!

Now……to some surprising news.  A few weeks ago, I was a junior in high school and a phone call from my future WVU coach later, I suddenly became a senior in high school.  WOW!!!  I was offered a spot on WVU’s team an entire year early.  After a lot of consideration I and my family felt this was a great opportunity for me.  Since I have worked really hard in school over the years staying ahead, this really wasn’t that far of a stretch for me to fulfill the graduation requirements.  I do have a lot of work to do right now needless to say, but our motto is all about taking one day at a time, which is working so well for me.  At one point I was enrolled in 11 courses and am now down to 8 and counting with a 4.0 GPA!  Balance has been a key factor.

I am so excited about the future and have so much to be grateful for.  The Lord has truly blessed me and watched over my entire journey allowing this to become a reality.

Thanks to each of you for your continued support!  It’s been an awesome ride so far!

Lot’s of Love and Hugs!