Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I sure did!

Sorry for my delay in updating my blog after Regionals, but I do have some exciting news to share. I am going to Nationals and I couldn’t be more thrilled. What a nail biter to get there though! At Regionals I started out on Floor and had a great routine with a 9.625, which was a second place finish by the way. Then I went to vault where I finally competed two Yurchenko Layout Fulls, which made me so happy, because this vault had been a struggle for me as many of you know. Next was bars where I had my best level 10 bar routine yet, scoring a 9.45 (the growth I have had in less than a year on bars blows my mind ~ thank you coach Tony!) Last up, was beam, which most would say is my best event, however, on that day it was not so. What can I say…? I am human. Yep, I fell. I truly thought in that quick moment my shot at Nationals was over. I had been competing in one of most competitive age groups in Region 7. I know the talent and there were 43 girls all going for the same thing! It was a disappointing moment, however I held my head high just waiting. You have to shine your light no matter what. Turns out that even with the fall I was able to secure first alternate for JO Nationals. Obviously, not what I was aiming for, but am I ever going to make the most of my trip taking nothing for granted and showing all of those colleges what I am made of! I will be in Jackson MS from May 7 – 11 and can’t wait for the opportunity. I will either get to compete on Friday or Sunday depending on how things unfold over the weekend.

I’ve worked so hard for this opportunity and thank God for getting me here. This is no easy journey, but the support I have from Heaven, my family, friends and coaches is endless! I am truly Blessed.

Oh and I can’t forget to mention that this marks the one year Anniversary of coming to Prestige Gymnastics. I love my gym family so much and am so grateful to everyone there. Nothing but LOVE!!!!

Can’t wait to update all of you after Nationals! Prayers are always appreciated.

Love and Hugs,
Abs 🙂