Hello everyone!

Hope you had a nice Memorial Day weekend!  The weather here in PA was so beautiful and I had a great weekend spending time with my close friends and family.

It’s hard to imagine that Nationals was over a week ago.  Time flies by so fast.  Although my JO Nationals meet results did not reflect what I was hoping to accomplish, I had such a fun trip to Iowa making memories with close friends and my Region 7 Team.  I had started off with a strong floor routine, which I did medal in and  I was able to put back in my full twisting vault, which made me happy considering I was not able to practice it since before states due to some wrist issues (which after I am done growing should not be an issue any longer).  I had a decent bar routine, but beam did not go as planned.  I had a fall, which brought my all around score down to a 37.1.

The one thing that I have learned most over the years is that God’s plans are not always the same as mine and that sometimes He says no for reasons I don’t always understand, but I know are for my own good and growth.  It was not my time to earn a national title this year, but maybe winning a national title isn’t what my journey is supposed to be all about.  I know that deep down my hard work is not all for nothing and that He wants the best for me, so I will continue to wait patiently, work hard and stay positive as we move forward towards the future.

Now that the season is over, I get to work on a brand new floor routine, which my good friend Saby is doing for me before she heads to Penn State to pursue her collegiate gymnastics career.  I will also work on new skills and upgrades for next season.  In a month I get to go to West Virginia Camp, so I am so excited about that.  I have two years until I become a Mountaineer, but it is just so much fun getting to know everyone and build great relationships with my future teammates and coaches.

Well, since life can’t all be about gymnastics, I am also looking forward to some family vacation time in the coming months.  I have a very close family, so that time spent together is priceless.

Thanks to all of you who continue to support me in my journey.  I am very grateful!

Love and Hugs,