Hello everyone!

It’s been a busy several weeks. As many of you know I competed in my first Elite Qualifier a couple weeks ago with a few of my close friends and teammates from Prestige. I competed on vault, floor and beam since I only recently started playing around with FIG bar settings. I have my first half on the FIG settings for the compulsory routine and the second half on the pit and regular bar, so if I can somehow get my long legs through the closer bar settings, I’ll have the routine. J

The Elite Qualifier was a different, but great experience. The atmosphere was much different from JO though. I have been so use to loud cheering and excitement at meets, so the serious tone of the Elite meet was a little bit of a shocker.

I am very pleased with my results for the first attempt, especially since I didn’t have too many expectations coming into it other than to really see what the Elite world of gymnastics is like and to push myself a little more out of my comfort zone.

My floor score on optional day was 4th, with only two tenths out of first place, so that’s pretty cool. The only fall I had was my second day on vault. You only get 1 shot at it, so that was the one that counted. Overall I had a great trip to Ohio, and had so much fun bonding with the other girls on my team (Josie, Trinity and my Gym Little Sis Cael). The Elite world is no joke, so to have a support system like them is priceless!!!

After the Elite Qualifier, I had the Pink Invitational. If we can count my warm-ups, I had an amazing meet! Guess that’s not an option, so I’ll be honest and say I had 3 unexpected falls, which really ticked me off, because I started the meet out by successfully completing my best twisting vault yet! Off to bars where I warmed up so well, hitting my handstands and thinking this was going to be my highest bar score. That didn’t quite happen though. My foot slipped off the bar into my tow circle, so I had a fall. Finished strong though. Next onto beam. Again a great warm-up hitting everything. Time to compete and all was going beautifully until I did my front aerial and blasted it finally happened! I had my first fall ever on beam during competition. It happened so fast, I had no time to even attempt a save. That stung emotionally to say the least. Off to floor and had a fall on my last pass, over rotating my 2 ½ twist. What I thought was going to be my best meet tuned out totally opposite. I still ended up with a 36, but for me that’s not what I was shooting for. It’s never been about the medals and trophies for me, so even though I still came home with very pretty hardware, that’s not how I measure a successful meet for myself.

Over the years I have not been known to fall a lot at meets, so it took a little toll on me emotionally this year looking back at the falls during the season. I am accustomed to my consistency, but I have come to realize though that people can’t really grow if they are always successful. Don’t get me wrong, I am hoping and praying that I have gotten all these falls out of my system, but I know I have to keep plugging away despite the physical and emotional aches and pains of this sport. As they say though, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. J The good thing is that I don’t hold onto the disappointments. After I am done processing things, I move on. I know what I am capable of and I have proven it time and time again, so one of these days, it’s going to all come together for me.

Now it’s time to get ready of the biggest meets of my season. It’s so hard for me to imagine that we are in the post season already. It’s my hope to go all the way to Nationals this year. However, knowing that only God is complete control of the outcome, I can only train hard, keep a great attitude and continue to look up for His guidance and provisions. I am patiently waiting for the surprises that are hopefully right around the corner.

As always, thanks so much for all the love and support. Couldn’t do this without you!

Love and Hugs,