Hello Everyone!

Since my last blog, I have competed in three big meets and did well in each one of them. There was a lot of great competition at each of these events, which is always good for me, because it pushes me and makes me want to work even harder. Competing at these events as a first year level 10 has made me realize that I am going to need to be a little more patient with myself when it comes to reaching certain personal goals. I still believe that I have attainable goals though and will reach them with dedication, hard work and time. I really am happy with how my season is going. I have been healthy for the most part, which is always half the battle and I have been consistent in competition and am continuously working on more difficulty in my routines.

I am practicing now for my state meet, which is in a couple of weeks. My biggest goal for this season is to make it to JO Nationals. I know that will be a big challenge, especially with all of the great competition in my age group, but realize it can and will happen, Lord Willing, if it’s meant to be.

Thanks for checking in and for your continued support.

Love and hugs!