Hello Again Everyone!

It’s amazing how another month has gone by since my last blog and so much has happened in that time. Last time I left you with one of my favorite bible verses about the plans the Lord has for us, as well as me writing about the plans I had for myself going into my two big February meets, which were the Presidential Classic in Orlando, FL and the Pink Breast Cancer Awareness meet in Philadelphia, PA. Just goes to show you that my plans don’t always match up to the Lord’s plans because I had a couple of big bumps along that two meet journey. I was certain going into those meets that I was going to have the two best meets of my season and it kind of started off that way until halfway through my Orlando meet when I came down from a tumbling pass during my warm up, that is usually quite easy for me, the wrong way. I felt a pop in my foot and a sudden burst of heat and knew something was really wrong. The pain just wasn’t going away, but I pleaded with my coaches to let me do my floor routine anyway. Well, that was not pretty, but I can at least say I gave it all I had. I had to go see the medic after that and was scratched from the rest of the meet. Obviously, this was a huge disappointment for me, but I held my head high despite what happened to me and decided to enjoy the rest of my trip at Disney. When I got home my parents took me for X-Rays and sure enough I had a fractured foot. Now I am feeling pretty impressed with myself knowing I did my big floor routine and walked for two entire days afterwards in the Disney parks with a fractured foot. Sad part was I was not allowed to tumble for two weeks as a result, which put my next big meet at a disadvantage. The Pink meet, which is my all time favorite meet, was this past Friday night and I am proud to say that with a tightly wrapped foot I was able to compete bars (not positive that was doctor approved) and had my highest bar score of the season with a 9.5 and a stuck landing!!!! It made me so happy to help out my team in that way, which boosted our team score. I had put all my fears aside and just focused on the one and only routine I was able to do and did it successfully.

Right now I am focusing on getting my foot healed in time for States and beyond. No sense pouting over what happened, it’s all about COME BACK TIME now!

I’ll do my part and if a great finish to my season is part of the “bigger” plan, it will happen.

Thanks for all your support and prayers!

Love and Hugs,