Hello everyone!

It’s so hard for me to believe that a couple of months have gone by since my last blog posting. I have had a great summer filled with friends, family and fun in the gym!

I have been working really hard in the gym and am pretty excited about the skills I am doing and working on perfecting for the upcoming season. One of my biggest accomplishments this summer was getting my yurchenko full on the vault. As many of you know, I had a pretty scary fall in April on the vault, so the fact that I am getting more and more comfortable each day with my yurchenko full is an incredible feeling. My coach even has me working on 1 and 1/2 twists, as well as double twists, which makes the full seem so much easier. I am also working on triples and full-ins on the floor, as well as front handspring, front doubles. Overall, I am feeling pretty good about everything I am working on.

This week begins the fall schedule at Prestige, so I will be practicing quite a bit preparing for the season, but I am truly looking forward to the possibilities and new opportunities that I am going to take full advantage of. It’s my hope to be invited to some of the Elite Developmental Training Camps, so that I can further pursue my goals and dreams in gymnastics. Another goal of mine for the year is to stay healthy and safe so that I can become a JO National Qualifer and Champion. At the end of the season, I would like to attempt testing into the Junior Elite Program. These are obviously big goals, but I am up for the challenge. I am not at all afraid of hard work and dedication, so Lord Willing, I will have an amazing season!

I am so appreciative of my coaches and the help that they have given me over these past few months. I know that I made a great decision becoming part of the Prestige Team. It did not take long at all to become part of their gym family and I am looking forward to the season we are all going to have together.

Thanks as always to my family and friends support group. I will keep you posted throughout the season. My first meet is in November and then we kick into full gear in January with some exciting meets!

Love and Hugs,