My goodness, what a season this has been. Since my last blog in February, I was focusing on getting my fractured foot fully healed in time for my State meet and I did decide to compete even though I could have easily been petitioned into Regionals because of my previous qualifying scores of the meet season. However, I just felt that it would mean much more to me giving it my all at States even though my routines were not fully back to where I was hoping they would have been. Needless to say, I did complete and did pretty well considering….No State titles for the first time in my competitive career, but that’s not what this meet was about for me. I had made it to Regionals!

Now to the next dilemma…After my State meet I was feeling really good about everything, because I was getting all of my routines back to where they needed to be in order to be a good competitor at Regionals. Until….out of the blue, I had a brain cramp on bars and came down in a very awkward way, and severely sprained my other ankle…. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

I hate drama and this season just seemed to be full of it for me. This injury hurt worse than the fractured foot and I only had 2 weeks before Regionals. Another trip to OSS (I think we have VIP parking and passes now), with a recommendation to do no tumbling for at least a week. My faith at this point was really being tested. I was at my lowest point by now questioning why me, why now. I work so hard and have so many goals and couldn’t understand what was happening. I am really thankful for my family’s support, because they helped me work through all the doubts and frustrations by giving me many different devotionals and bible scriptures stating exactly why this stuff happens to people like me. Life isn’t supposed to be easy and how I handled everything from that point on was so much different. I started taking things one day at a time not even focusing on Regionals at this point. It was about having faith and believing that no matter what I would be okay.

A week had gone by and my ankle was still stiff, swollen and sore, but I had a decision to make and I decided I was going to finish my season fighting back. I had 3 days to get back 4 routines and if that’s not a challenge then I don’t know what is. One day at a time though and a lot of divine intervention. We decided literally 2 days before Regionals to make the trip. Must have been meant to be because when my mom called the hotel, they said we were in luck, there was 1 room left because of a cancellation. Off to Virginia we went.

Now to the best part of all, but not without some additional drama, lol. I started Regionals on floor with a fall on my first tumbling pass. Not looking so good at this point. Picked myself up quickly and finished floor pretty strong. Score 8.45 though, so fight mode kicked into high gear at this point. Went to vault next and did a pretty nice vault, although not scoring really high, 9.05. Bars were after vault, and I did my best looking routine of the season, with a huge save on my overshoot (Coach Gabby said I grew fingers for that save), score 9.35. Beam was last and I gave it my all! Score, 9.55.


9.35 Regional Bar Champ

9.55 Regional Beam Champ

Third Place All Around Finish and member of the Eastern National Team…… PRICELESS!!! wink

That is the ultimate reward for never, ever giving up and trusting that God has it all under control as long as we trust in His plan!

More after Eastern Nationals!

Love and Hugs,