Hello Everyone ~

I would have loved for my title to have read, “I made it to JO Nationals”, however I am thinking that God wanted my title to be a little more impactful.

After you read this story, you are probably going to be thinking, “This kid has to be making this stuff up. There is always something going wrong!” Believe me when I say that a part of me wishes I was making this up. However, now I am thinking that I will be able to write a good book some day on adversity and how to overcome life’s challenges.

Okay, here we go….

My mom and I were standing in the kitchen two days before Regionals saying how much of a blessing it was that I had stayed healthy for the most part this season as a first year level 10 gymnast. I did have a couple minor setbacks, but certainly nothing major.

I had competed at States and did pretty well, but I was ready to put on a show to remember at Regionals, so that I could proudly be named to the Region 7 National Team. The excitement was building in anticipation of the possibilities…

The evening before Regionals I had my last 2 hour practice before I was to get in the car with my parents and travel to NJ for my big meet. With about 40 minutes to go, we had a warm-up compete style vault rotation and I was last up…I was showing a vault that I was going to compete for the first time and that’s when things went downhill…..fast….literally! As I blocked off the table I had hit my feet on the table, which caused me to keep twisting right onto my lower neck/upper back area. I had blacked out for a brief moment, but knocked the wind out of myself, which felt like forever. Well as you can probably imagine, I never made it to the meet that I had worked so hard all season for. Instead I took a less favorable trip to the Emergency Room. The good news is that I did not break my neck, however I got a pretty good case of whiplash, which isn’t feeling so hot right now. I know I will heal completely, Lord willing, with a little rest and time, but I have to admit that this has been one of my biggest disappointments yet. However, I refuse to believe that this is the end of my journey in gymnastics, even though I hit a lot of road blocks along the way.

I truly believe that God has given me this gift and talent for a reason and I am going to keep fighting for my goals and dreams for as long as He allows me to.

This experience has given me a fresh perspective on life and I am going to use that to help me come back stronger than I ever was before. For as long as I am here on this earth, you won’t be seeing my light dimming any time soon….

As far as JO Nationals is concerned, I will be there in Spirit and even though I will not presume upon tomorrow, I will be working harder than ever before in anticipation of next’s year’s opportunity to make that JO National Team. Right now I am going to focus on my healing.

Thank you everyone for your continuous love, support and prayers. It means everything to me.

Love and Hugs,